Why Is Cloud Computing Vital for Startups?

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    cloud-computing-startupsThe integration of mobile technology, the Internet and the Cloud has fundamentally changed our life, especially in the business world. In order to compete and challenge market leaders whose portfolios span the globe, modern organizations, especially innovative startups, must be faster, smarter and more productive than their peers. In other words, for many startups, whether or not they can improve their agility largely determines the success of the company. And Cloud Computing is the answer to that.

    Stone Three Venture Technology CEO Eugene Jansen writes:

    “[Tesla, Uber, and Apple] all have one thing in common, they moved faster than their entrenched competitors, bringing new innovation to the market quickly and constantly.”

    Benefits of the Cloud for Startups

    The greatest benefit of the Cloud is that it has the capacity to scale quickly - business can easily deploy and shutdown additional resources as needed. It’s a compelling argument for startups to move their infrastructure into the Cloud.

    According to the Evans Data Cloud Development Survey, Cloud platforms can reduce overall development time by almost 12 percent, and 38 percent of developers said Cloud development saved up to 20 percent of their time. Development in the Cloud is more efficient, more flexible, and leads to the creation of better software at a faster rate. Perhaps it’s not surprising that the Cloud also contributes significantly to business growth.

    The Cloud impacts businesses of all sizes, lowering costs and increasing IT efficiency across market sectors. In a recent report from the Techaisle market research organization, it was revealed that 80% of small and medium enterprises consider Cloud technology beneficial to business growth. 40% of respondents said that business agility and new capabilities were the driving force behind their adoption of the Cloud, and while many business leaders doubted at first that the Cloud offered more than traditional hosting and infrastructure deployment, opinions have softened as the real-world benefits of Cloud platforms have become more apparent.

    The capacity to provide businesses with access to highly flexible, scalable infrastructure without requiring a large upfront capital investment isn’t simply an incremental improvement on existing technologies. It’s a quantum leap forward, and one that allows organizations to move far more quickly when seeking to find and extract market value. Startups are heavily reliant on this level of agility to maintain growth in the rapidly-changing markets and highly competitive landscapes.

    Move Your Startup to the Cloud

    In the modern, mercurial business market, Cloud Computing is essential, especially for startups with limited resources. This isn’t simply because of the lower cost. The Cloud offers significant practical improvements to business efficiency, growth and agility, which are vital for an organization.

    Author: David CHASSAN (3DS OUTSCALE)

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