Transforming your Infrastructure for Digital

    Cloud Computing - Posted on 01/23/2018 by Mehdi BADAWI-EL-NAJJAR

    This infographic summarizes 6 key issues that European organisations are concerned about while facing the digital transformation: motivations, challenges and barriers.

    The IT decision-makers interviewed by PAC - CXP Group are aware of the importance of digital transformation and the evolutions brought by this new challenge.

    In order to offer services that are better adapted to market needs, today, European organisations must develop their infrastructure and make it more agile.

    How agile and scalable is the infrastructure of European businesses today? How are they adapting to enable digital transformation?

    Download the full report* here: 


    *Study conducted among a sample of IT Decision Makers from 200 European companies with more than 500 employees and different sectors: Manufacturing sector, Services and public sector.

    Author: Mehdi BADAWI-EL-NAJJAR