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Cybersecurity Challenges Inherent to Health Data


Much more specific than simple anonymized data, health-related data is particularly coveted by cybercriminal. Hospitals and other health organizations, for which this kind of information is crucial, have become prime targets for...

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Automated Anomaly Detection in Cloud Infrastructure


In accordance with our desire to support the education and development of young talent, we regularly conduct a number of actions in schools. The visits of 3DS OUTSCALE employees to schools are a means of presenting career opportunities...

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Why Big Data Has a Place in Your Organization


“Big Data” is currently a common buzzword, but a lot of the people who use it don’t really understand what it is or what its usage entails. Big Data is an extremely powerful resource in the right hands; the ability to properly sort and...

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Does The Internet Of Things Always Mean Big Data?


In an interesting article Forget Big Data -- Small Data Is Driving The Internet Of Things*, Forbes writer Mike Kavis makes the point that it’s inaccurate to assume that the Internet of Things necessarily presupposes big data. He’s...

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The Importance of Knowing Where Your Data is Stored

It would be nice of think of the cloud as a big pool of computing and storage resources that are simply waiting to be used.  For clients, most of the underlying infrastructure concerns are taken care of by cloud providers and there’s...
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