Top 5 Tips for Cybersecurity when Working from Home

    Cloud Computing | Cloud Security | Highlights | "Coronavirus" | COVID-19 | Pandemic Action Plan | Remote Work - Posted on 04/16/2020 by Edouard CAMOIN (3DS OUTSCALE)

    During this exceptional period when people suddenly find themselves working from home, it can be tempting to drop one’s guard and lower the security level. This creates a lack in cyber hygiene the cybercriminals are determined to take advantage of.

    Cybersecurity for remote work_CloudHere is how you can keep your digital environment and your company’s business safe while working efficiently from home:


    - Stay alert: we tend to feel more secure when at home and that is when cybercriminals are more likely to take advantage. Privacy filters and locking your user session are just a couple of ways to avoid risks when you are not in the office.


    - Separate your professional and personal environments to avoid any mishaps or infecting your computer with malware. Also, it allows you to have a break and fully enjoy your family time.


    - The security service is always available: if you have any doubts, make sure you stay calm and contact them. Hackers use emotional responses such as urgency or fear to reach their goal.


    - Insecure environment: it is possible that the network at your remote workplace is not as secure as your company’s network. Using the VPN is essential as it provides a higher level of security (strong disk encryption, blocking of inbound flows).


    - Secure your network: a well protected Wi-Fi connection helps to prevent a hacker from accessing your network and being able to launch an attack on your company’s infrastructure from your computer.


    Author: Edouard CAMOIN (3DS OUTSCALE)

    Since 2015, Edouard Camoin has been in charge of information systems security at 3DS OUTSCALE and his mission is to manage information security risk management and the implementation of security solutions necessary to protect customers' data hosted by 3DS OUTSCALE. Edouard Camoin holds a DUT in computer science from Paris Descartes University and a master's degree in information systems security from Rouen University. He obtained ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer certification in February 2018.