Three Cloud Computing Myths That Need to Be Busted

    Cloud Computing - Posted on 11/17/2017 by Hind BOUZIDI

    cloud-myths-need-busting.jpgThe cloud has come a long way, both in terms of technology and acceptance in the business world. It’s widely understood that the cloud offers game-changing advantages, and the majority of large companies have jumped on board with both feet.

    However, there are still a few oddly persistent myths that we hear about by people who really ought to know better (and by people who get paid to pretend that they don’t know better). It’s all obvious really, but those trying to get buy-in from skeptical executives and IT professionals need to know the right moves to make in response to cloud myths. We'd like to tackle three of them here today.

    Private is Inherently More Secure Than Public

    This one is absurd on its face, as anyone who spends five minutes perusing the online security news knows: breaches in private cloud or in-house networks abound; public clouds, not so much.

    Security is built into the system and the processes around it, or it isn’t. Private vs. public cloud isn’t the issue; the issue is a poorly engineered cloud vs. a well engineered cloud. And guess where all the people with the expertise to engineer secure cloud environments work. Hint: it’s not at Target.

    Security is built into every decision we make at every level of our company.

    The Cloud is All About Vendor Lock-in

    Platform vendors love lock-ins. It’s been the way of things forever: proprietary systems that make it inherently expensive to move to other solutions. Some cloud providers tried this trick in the early days, but standards won out, and now cloud providers make a big deal about being open.

    We want clients to come to us because we’re the best choice for them. If we aren’t, we don’t want to keep them prisoner. They can go with our good will.

    Our systems are compatible with AWS, the largest cloud platform around, so you won’t be spoiled for choice in the unlikely event that you want to take your business elsewhere.

    The Cloud is Non-compliant

    This is one of those myths that used to be true, but isn’t any longer. In the early days of the cloud, providers were all about the technology, the convenience, the cost, and the scalability. The enterprise took a look and said: “that’s very clever, but we need to comply with a huge amount of regulation”. That’s one of the reasons enterprise adoption of the cloud was low in the initial stages.

    Cloud providers listened, and now there are clouds that comply with most regulatory frameworks: HIPAA, PCI, SSAE16, and so on. The cloud is not inherently non-compliant; it’s just that some cloud platforms are non-compliant.

    In time these myths will die away, to be replaced with new ones no doubt. But for the time being, we’ll continue to build a cloud platform that makes myths out of the cloud tales of old.

    Image: Flickr/dannyc

    Author: Hind BOUZIDI

    En tant que spécialiste de la communication, Hind fait preuve de pédagogie et de vulgarisation pour mettre à la portée de tous des sujets techniques dans le domaine des nouvelles technologies.