Statement on 3DS OUTSCALE’s Pandemic Action Plan

    Cloud Computing | Highlights | "Coronavirus" | COVID-19 | Pandemic Action Plan - Posted on 03/05/2020 by 3DS OUTSCALE

    What is the impact of the Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic on 3DS OUTSCALE’s activity?

    -   3DS OUTSCALE keeps a close watch on any potential risks this epidemic could represent for 3DS OUTSCALE, its employees, customers and partners.

    -   For employees working in concerned areas, remote working is strongly recommended. If need be, 3DS OUTSCALE has implemented specific movement controls, fully complies with the authorities’ instructions and the Pandemic Action Plan of its Information Security Management System (ISMS), in accordance with the ISO 27001 requirements. 3DS OUTSCALE has established processes in order to coordinate efforts during epidemics like Coronavirus COVID-19. These efforts include data security, the continuity of service, customer support resilience and the operation of worldwide Cloud infrastructure.


    Is 3DS OUTSCALE still able to process customers’, partners’ and prospects’ inquiries in case of an established pandemic?

    -   3DS OUTSCALE commits to processing and answering all customers’, partners’ and prospects’ inquiries in accordance with commitments made as part of its ISO 27001-certified ISMS.

    -   3DS OUTSCALE is able to meet the changing, dynamic growth of the market.

    -   As part of 3DS OUTSCALE’s continuity of service plan, all employees are accustomed to the processes of the Pandemic Action Plan through regular exercises and simulations.


    What is the impact of the Coronavirus epidemic on 3DS OUTSCALE’s Cloud services?

    -   3DS OUTSCALE keeps a close watch, 24/7, on its Cloud services and infrastructure in order to detect any problems that could be potential risks for its activity.

    -   3DS OUTSCALE is also working in close cooperation with strategic partners to evaluate and minimize any potential effects on the equipment supply and the secured access to data centers.

    -   3DS OUTSCALE has established an incident management process in case of such events. Clear requirements about suppliers’ business continuity has also been established.


    How will 3DS OUTSCALE’s Cloud services be impacted if the Coronavirus becomes a long-term concern?

    -   3DS OUTSCALE teams create scenarios on a regular basis in order to anticipate the company’s organization and its Cloud services production.

    -   All the regulations have already been anticipated in our policies according to a continuous improvement principle.


    How does 3DS OUTSCALE operate its data centers?

    -   3DS OUTSCALE’s Cloud infrastructures are located in data centers which meet the toughest requirements, particularly in terms of security, availability and responsible commitment.

    -   Data centers chosen by 3DS OUTSCALE are Tier III and ISO 27001 certified and address the question of pandemics management in their continuity plan.


    To what extent are the 3DS OUTSCALE employees concerned?

    -   As soon as they join 3DS OUTSCALE, all employees take part in ISMS trainings on a regular basis.

    -   The entire 3DS OUTSCALE organization is made to implement the 3 levels of its defined Pandemic Action Plan. The continuity of service can be ensured remotely and does not depend upon public transportation services.

    -   Numerous audits and requirement controls are performed every year. According to the continuous improvement principle, they are assessed, more specifically on critical activities in order to maintain the company’s requirement levels.

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