Outscale launches its first private Bug Bounty program!

    Cloud Security - Posted on 11/18/2016 by Hind Bouzidi (Outscale)

    bug bountyThe program, opened by invitation, will reward people who discover security breaches in our Cloud infrastructure. Edouard Camoin, Chief Information Security Officer at Outscale, presents the first Bug Bounty program of the company.

    What is a Bug Bounty?

    A Bug Bounty is an excellent way to continuously improve your company’s IT security. People finding security breaches are financially rewarded by the company.


    The end of traditional pentests!

    Edouard Camoin explains: “The Bug Bounty program is more efficient than the traditional pentest (IT security evaluation method simulating a malicious user or software attack). It provides live feedback on the discovered breaches. Moreover, unlike audits, the company only pays for results.” This new approach gives Outscale the opportunity to attract talented security experts. Outscale takes the advantage of their expertise in a win-win exchange and benefits from an unlimited breaches search.

    “We are more agile with a constant 24/7 lookout. The experts feedback enables our teams to increase/develop their skills.” adds Edouard Camoin. In fact, thanks to the launch of this first program, Outscale provides security requirements to its customers, alongside certifications like ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

    A program launched on BountyFactory.io

    Outscale has chosen the first European Bug Bounty platform to launch its first program: BountyFactory.io. This is a performant crowdsourcing initiative which rewards people helping companies to find security breaches.

    Author: Hind Bouzidi (Outscale)

    As a communications specialist, Hind makes technical topics simple in particular about new technologies.