Can the Cloud really help my business?

    Cloud - Posted on 02/03/2017 by Hind Bouzidi

    cloud computing business security company services strategic toolThe Cloud is at the center of our lives by now. Cloud Computing has brought us some amazing services that we already take for granted. These new services may not have existed without the power of the Cloud, yet they have immediately revolutionized the large industry sectors they disrupted. Uber, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook and so many others are now part of our everyday lives and make us more efficient, informed and productive.

    How do we convert the power and value of the Cloud into something an SMB or an enterprise can utilize? How can innovative companies leverage the Cloud to win business and differentiate themselves from their competitors? The answer isn’t straightforward. Only through introspection can companies find the value that the Cloud will unlock for them.


    A strategic tool

    One of the main and most appealing Cloud adoption driver for companies today is the move from CAPEX to OPEX. It means less upfront costs, added business agility and reduced time to market for new solutions and products. It also allows companies to sell their solutions and products in the Cloud, making it immediately available for customer consumption, whether they use traditional computing or, increasingly, mobile devices. The Cloud allows companies to deliver their products and services at a lower cost with greater speed, elasticity and scalability. Gone are the days of having to specify to your IT group exactly how many users to expect for a new service, which was often over-provisioning in the early stages and then performance degrades as your service picks up. The Cloud just grows and shrinks dynamically with your user adoption.


    Toward an appropriate solution

    For company that are looking to move their IT workloads into the Cloud, they also need to look at what makes most sense. In terms of low hanging fruits, what we are seeing today are incredible successes with implementing backup solutions or recovery (ex. Disaster Recovery) leveraging Cloud solutions. With the cost of the Cloud storage at an all-time low and widespread availability of strong encryption, a decision to keep an in-house backup or DR is becoming questionable.

    Another common use case of the Cloud is messaging in the Cloud or spam filtering the Cloud. With all the space and computing power available, the value a company can derive from large and costly infrastructure projects to upgrade an Exchange messaging solution no longer makes sense.

    Bottom line, do your homework and contact a Cloud company that can help you tell the value from the hype and guide you through your first or next steps into a new brave world.


    Interview by Stéphane Maarek, Vice-president Outscale North America 

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