3DS OUTSCALE successfully renews its ISO and HDH certifications

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    [INTERVIEW] Following the renewal of our ISO and HDH certifications, we interviewed Hanaa Tamimy, Quality Control Manager at 3DS OUTSCALE France. In this interview, she reflects on this first remote audit experience! 


    Following a new audit in May, 3DS OUTSCALE has just announced the renewal of three certifications. Are you satisfied with the result and what was the objective?  

    Certifications LNE

    With the audit of May, we aimed to obtain the renewal of our customers and are an essential element driving us to evolve in our quest for excellence. The audit, carried out remotely, was a great achievement and highlighted an excellent level of maturity of 3DS OUTSCALE in the matter with documented, supervised and controlled procedures.

    Also, we took that opportunity to expand our platform by adding new data centers in the Paris region. At the same time, we also made an effort to reinforce our organization in order to be more efficient and agile and to best support our growth.ISO 27001, 27017, 27018 and HDH (Health Data Host) certifications. These certifications are proof of security for our customers and are an essential element driving us to evolve in our quest for excellence. The audit, carried out remotely, was a great achievement and highlighted an excellent level of maturity of 3DS OUTSCALE in the matter with documented, supervised and controlled procedures.


    For this audit, you have worked with another accredited certification body. Could you tell us more? 

    We have completed this audit with the LNE laboratory. This institution had already certified us on the SecNumCloud qualification last year. However, this was the first time. They audited us on the ISO 27001, 27017, 27018 and HDH standards.


    This audit took place amid a lockdown period. Was it fully remote? What were the main difficulties? How many people were involved in the process?

    Indeed, the audit was carried out mostly remotely and ran successfully. We all managed to adapt to the context, both on the side of 3DS OUTSCALE and on the side of the certification body and the auditors. The professionalism of the LNE officers enabled us to carry out the audit on time despite this challenging period, but also and above all, they helped us achieve some development goals and consider further improvements as for our services. About thirty people were involved during this week. 

    It is certainly true that a remote audit has its drawbacks: we may experience some connection problems or poorer sound quality, for example. However, these are the small disadvantages of remote working, which are not necessarily related to the audit itself. When working remotely, you also lose the social aspect, we face a lack of human interaction. One of the advantages, however, is not having to manage the logistics and organization. We also carried out an internal audit a few weeks before, which was conducted remotely - this exercise helped all of us get used to the new approach, which is potentially set to become a lasting practice. 

    These audits have allowed us to gain in maturity on a number of points. But what we can learn from them is, above all, our ability to maintain the continuity of our activities in unprecedented circumstances.


    Why not wait and postpone the audit to a more suitable period?

    We must learn to adapt to the context and to all changes. 3DS OUTSCALE’activity has never slowed down. In fact, we have helped our clients meet their needs following the increase in traffic and the adoption of remote working. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the challenges relating to cybersecurity and data protection. Under the conditions forced upon us by the pandemic, it is all the more necessary to reassure our clients that we keep our commitments under all circumstances … and certifications enable us to provide proof of that. Also, we don’t know if or when there will be a more favorable time.

    Since the certification cycle is every three years, we have to schedule a three-yearly renewal audit as well as yearly surveillance audits. This year, we had to renew our certifications, so it was crucial to maintain this audit. 

    Our pandemic prevention plan already anticipated the incapacity to work in the office, particularly in the event of a health crisis, so we were ready to tackle this. We carried out tests regularly to make sure the implemented strategy was appropriate and that everything was going according to plan.


    Why is it so essential for 3DS OUTSCALE to continue to renew certifications? 

    Regular renewal and pursuit of perfection are part of 3DS OUTSCALE's DNA. Given the current context, it is even more important to be able to guarantee more security and transparency to our customers . This approach is part of our continuous improvement policy with the objective of attaining excellence.


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