Celebrating 10th Anniversary and a Second SecNumCloud-Qualified Region

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    To celebrate the anniversary, 3DS OUTSCALE is announcing the opening of its second public Cloud region to be granted the SecNumCloud Security Visa by the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI). This new region will be integrated into 3DS OUTSCALE’s existing IaaS offer. 

    OSC_10years_2nd_secnumcloud_enOn the occasion of its 10th anniversary, 3DS OUTSCALE’s fully trusted Cloud is taking a new direction in terms of its deployment. With the opening of a second public Cloud region to be granted the Security Visa by ANSSI, 3DS OUTSCALE demonstrates that its sovereign Cloud offer meets the needs of the market. Once more, 3DS OUTSCALE provides the necessary trustworthiness required by the companies and organizations that handle highly sensitive data. 3DS OUTSCALE celebrates its 10th anniversary  

    Founded in 2010 and a strategic partner of Dassault Systèmes ever since, 3DS OUTSCALE is at the forefront of Cloud infrastructure services (IaaS). Laurent Seror has always been well aware of the issues inherent to the governance of public- and private-sector organizations in France, and with the encouragement of Dassault Systèmes, he decided to create OUTSCALE in October 2010.

    From 2011 to 2013, OUTSCALE focused on developing its automated offering driven by an in-house Cloud orchestrator - TINA OS, launched in 2013. The following year saw the first edition of Cloud Days take place and OUTSCALE obtain ISO 27001:2013 certification. This established its position in Europe as one of the first Cloud companies t

    Taking a new step, becoming 3DS OUTSCALEo be awarded the most sophisticated data security standard. In 2015, OUTSCALE launched Scaledome, its start-up accelerator program that would go on to become OUTSCALE for Entrepreneurs a few years later. The following year, OUTSCALE revolutionized the market with a per-second billing option.

    In December 2017, Dassault Systèmes became the majority stakeholder in OUTSCALE’s capital. The company changed its logo and its name, becoming 3DS OUTSCALE. Around that time, it also received the Cisco Excellence Award EMEA for the quality of its Cloud architecture and extended its ISO 27001:2013 certification to the entire organization along with the R&D department. 3DS OUTSCALE then opened its 10th data center and became the first French Cloud provider to open one in Silicon Valley.

    In 2018, 3DS OUTSCALE disrupted the market with the launch of TINA on-Premise (ToP), the first private turnkey Cloud solution. As part of its commitments to corporate social responsibility (CSR), 3DS OUTSCALE was awarded the LUCIE 26000 certification and continued to reinforce its security levels with ISO 27017 and 27018 compliance.

    In December 2019, 3DS OUTSCALE’s Cloud infrastructure was the first to be SecNumCloud-qualified by ANSSI. The same year, it also received the French HDS (health data storage) certification. In June 2020, 3DS OUTSCALE was one of the 22 founding members of the GAIA-X European federation of Cloud services, which focuses its efforts on transparency, interoperability and trustworthiness.

    Opening of a new Cloud region qualified SecNumCloud

    Following the success of the deployment of the first public Cloud region to be granted the SecNumCloud certification in France, 3DS OUTSCALE extended its reach by opening a second region just one year later. ANSSI’s SecNumCloud Security Visa is a simple way of identifying the most trusted Cloud companies on the market. The SecNumCloud status, combined with the various other certifications obtained by 3DS OUTSCALE (ISO 27001:2013, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, and HDS), guarantee to public-sector organizations and strategic companies such as operators of vital importance a Cloud environment respectful of personal data and providing the highest level of security.

    worldmap_102020 Sec2

    3DS OUTSCALE is also the only pure player in the Cloud (IaaS) sector to have obtained this certification, thus strengthening its commitment to the market in terms of security and data protection. The SecNumCloud status is a further sign that clients and partners can rely on 3DS OUTSCALE.

    The opening of a new region will give 3DS OUTSCALE clients access to a second infrastructure that is independent of the first one, but that is also SecNumCloud-qualified.

    “The SecNumCloud status is a demonstration of trustworthiness.3DS OUTSCALE proves that   it conforms with the highest levels of security and that it implements best practices when it comes to data security,” said Servane Augier, Chief Operating Officer at 3DS OUTSCALE. “We are incredibly proud to be inaugurating our second SecNumCloud-qualified region today and are firmly convinced that we are meeting the essential needs of our clients in terms of security and sovereignty. It underlines 3DS OUTSCALE’s expertise, and we are delighted to be celebrating a decade of existence at a time when our growth perspectives give us every cause for optimism.”



    Author: 3DS OUTSCALE

    Since 2010, 3DS OUTSCALE, strategic partner and subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes, has been providing startups, software companies, public companies and organizations, its robust, secure and convenient Cloud computing services (IaaS), which are deployed on trustworthy, industrial infrastructure. 3DS OUTSCALE’s multi-local Cloud offers a complete governance in terms of security and digital sovereignty. Compatible with market standards and thanks to the support provided by its experts, 3DS OUTSCALE’s customers can deploy their applications with full control over their performance; while encouraging innovation in Europe, America and Asia. 3DS OUTSCALE offers the first IaaS services to be SecNumCloud certified by the ANSSI, as well as the highest security standards: ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and 27018, and Health Data Hosting (HDS). As the most trusted Cloud, 3DS OUTSCALE has also been acknowledged as a responsible stakeholder by the LUCIE ISO 26000 certification label.


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